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Chinese New Year

8:36 PM

long time not write my blog. i just go back from my vacation with family. yeah! 
two weeks for 3 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand). tired? yes of course, especially when we were in the airplane -___-
and these are some pictures from me xD

(my cutest lil brother really loves play sliding haha)

(me and my lil brother)

(full concentration)

(my brother -- yes, i have 2 brothers-- shows his skill in ice skating)

(me and my lovely mom accompanied my brother playing merry-go-round)

(evening orchard)

and guess what? i found so many many many stitch stuffs here, in Mustafa Centre, Singapore. gosh! wanna buy all of them T_T

(i love this much!)

(went to Melaka after Singapore)

(Bangkok i'm in love <3)

(wanna fly, wanna fly~~)

(Mini Siam, Bangkok, Thailand)

(i wish there was a stitch T_T, but, i love Doraemon too ;D)

(biggest floating market in Asia)

(had lunch, seafood restaurant with sea-view)

(our tour guide from Thailand, we miss ya misterrr)

(finally, have to say Goodbye)

oh yeah, last 15th January was my Father's Birthday. i love him so so much, wish always the best for him ^^
everyday always pray from him, thnk God, gave him to me ^^

23rd January is Chinese New year!! Angpaaoo huahahahhaa
can't wait to celebrate it. anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! ^_^
God bless!


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