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6:41 AM

holla people! i just reached home after hanging out with my friend! and we found so many cute places and took so many photos! >.<

Photos above were taken at Wondermilk, Publika Mall Kuala Lumpur! what a super cute place >.<

And of course, my outfit of the day! have a good day fellas!

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6:29 AM

holla reader! I had a very super short trip last week (mid-semester break) with my best friends to Malacca (Malaysia). We went there by bus in the morning since it took 2 hours to go there from our place. So, today i'm gonna share a little side of us and Malacca! Enjoy <3

Malacca was super hot on that day (and always hot, i guess). So we decided to buy cendol around the red building. Unfortunately, the most popular cendol durian already sold out, so we tried cendol pulut and mix cendol.

Quite cheap right?
Mix Cendol

Durian ball & Durian spring roll

Met up with my blue-white partner haha!

Such a tired trip but also fun! Cant wait for another trip! See you guys on another post <3


I'm High

1:54 PM

Found this quote around One City Mall Malaysia when i was hanging out with my friends few days ago! hehehee.. nice quote right?
Today i'm going to share what did i do last Monday with my friends. So, we went to Shakespeare Subang Malaysia for lunch. This place is very recommended and cozy. The foods are also good and price is affordable :D
(wew, seems like i'm a food blogger? well, i am this and that haha)

Chicken Bolognese  Spaghetti (only RM 11.50) 

Giant Pavlova (only RM 7.50)

Most photogenic sweets! Macaroons <3
After that, we decided to go to One city mall to look around and having dinner there (yes, we already did search through internet about the place). We found that One City Mall has Sky-park, which it has outdoor restaurants in 10th floor with a great view. So romantic for couple dinner! *wink*

And finally "the sun goes down, the stars come out" ! time for dinnerr and sunset! We decided to have dinner in a Thai food restaurant, Khrua Thai because the spot is good to view the sunset :D

This sunset view was taken by my friend and it was so fun-tastic view >.<

We ordered White Tom-yum Soup and Chicken with basil leaves. The taste was so good and the price is quite okay hehehee 

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Blue Stripes

9:50 AM

Holla readers! i was in a bad mood and super sensitive since a few days ago *girl' problem* hiks so i decided to go get some break this afternoon and ate deliciosoo cake and caramel frappe from TOUS les JOURS Malaysia. This is very recommended place for you to enjoy your tea time with family, friends, or lover! I super love the unique interior design and stuffs. Sooo cuuteeeeeeeeee and success to make my bad moood gone away ~~


Berry Berry Tiramisu Vs Blueberry Yogurt

Caramel Frappe

Next photos was taken from outside the cafe.. aaa supperr cuuuteeeee <3 <3 <3

Photos by Melina Kurniawan

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