8:45 AM

And i go back to December........

For today' post, let me introduce to you, my best friend, my sister, my forever partner and my twin (yea, some people believe that we are twin since we have the same height and posture, even some people told us that we look alike haha). 

Well, let me tell ya the truth. We knew each other bcs we went to the same university in KL and stayed at same apartment. If i tell ya the details, i guess 100 pages won't be enough. In conclusion, our friendship is stickier than glue and burn brighter than a thousand suns in the sky~

So, she is Tabita! >.<

Last December, she visited me to Bandung. We shopped till drop, drink without drunk together, took so many photos  and we celebrated my birthday together! I was so happy that day. I just love her to the moon and back, kiss kiss.

Thank you sis! I miss ya, see ya real soon in May! <3




7:43 AM

"Shirokuro" means Black and White in Japanese. Another black and white post for today. Ja, i know, i'm into those color lately, but black+white is always a good idea. Any thoughts? :)

Dress: @iiprojectshop
Preston Small Flap (Bag): Fossil
Gold Watch: Esprit
Shoes: New Balance 574




5:08 AM

Hola readers! 

I'm back with black and white yay! As fashion lovers, we all know, IT'S TIME FOR HIGH NECK! Tops and dresses all over the high street are featuring a distince high neckline. So today, lemme show ya my outfit featuring black-and-white-high-neck-dress from Sophistix ^^~

Checkered High Neck Dress - Sophistix
Preston Flap Cross Body  - Fossil
Watch - Esprit

Hey, i can't wait to see your high neck style  


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