6:27 PM

well, another outfit post and also i'll share our farewell photos. yes, i'm officially finished my study here, and waiting for the results. i wish all the best for me and also all of my friends! Too happy but too sad, since we won't meet each other and i hope we can meet again in another time and place (perhaps?)

White Tee - Random shop
Ripped Jeans - Random shop
Wedges - Connection
Boy Hat - Random shop

i love all of you guys from the moon to the sun to the mercury to the venus to the mars to the jupiter to the saturn to the uranus to the neptune to the pluto and back to earth! <3
i'll support everything you do and let's meet up in another time! *cheers!



9:26 AM

guys, this will be a long long post hahaaa :P

i just had a "sudden" photo shoot with my friends as one of my friend is joining the photo contest, and she asked me to help her! i just couldn't say no since i do love take photos and what is the meaning of friend if we don't help each other, am i right? Because that's what friends are supposed to do.
well we juggled her room into a super cute corner and taraaa~~ i just loveeee the results! so enjoyy!
(please excuse my chubby cheek)

Daisy Dress -- Quenellebelle

Photos by Andita Zahra

Do you agree that this dress with daisy flowers pattern is super cute? Indeed. i've been looking for this kind of dress, and i found it! i can't ask for more and feel so happy! Go grab yours too ;)


Bonus Photos! They are my second strength and power here (after God surely), they are the ones that i can call even at 4 a.m! and sadly, i'm going to leave this country (Malaysia) as i almost finish my study here, and there is a big possibility i will move back to my country and looking for a job there. how time flies so fast.

Thankyou for vsisiting and reading!
xoxo <3


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