New Blue

5:16 AM

"Cause you're a sky, cause you're a sky full of stars. 
I'm gonna give you my heart."

What a good sunny day, and here i am, sitting in front of my laptop, editing and blogging. It's been a while since my last post. And today, i have nothing to do, so i decided to updating this blog *yeay*!
So for today, say "Welcome Back" to BLUE! 

Dear readers, did you spot that super cute corner? I don't need to go to a cute cafe just to take photos with a cute background. This place is where i live now *wink*
So maybe, i'm going to use this spot for my outfit photos from now on if i don't have time to find another cute spot, please don't get bored. But i'll try my best to change the spot as many as i can.

Tribal Dress: New Look
Blue Cardi: H&M
Wedges: Little Thing She Needs

"Cause you're a sky, cause you're a sky full of stars. 
Cause you light up the path."



7:25 PM

One can never go wrong with black. How about white? It's always right as well ;)

Hi people, here with me again. So today, i'm gonna show you my another black and white outfit. When you can never go wrong with black as well as with white, why don't you combine them together in one, in stripes perhaps?
Just like my outfit today, i wear my very first culotte from deFemme! CULOTTE IS BACK, HIP HIP HURRAY!

Top: Shopatvelvet
Stripes Culotte: deFemme 
Clog: Lasenora Boutique



5:23 AM


I can't update my blog regularly, since i already be a worker here in Jakarta. I just don't have any enough time to take outfit photos. My photo shoot partner is in Jogja since few months ago for her study, and manage to go back to Jakarta in next two months. I feeel soo emptyy without her. T____T 
Whoa, a worker life is so tough. Back to my school daily life, wake up in the morning, go home at 6 p.m. But the good news is, i get to meet many new friends here.

So today, i just feel so bored at home but also too lazy to go out. And here i am, in front of my lappy, click on my blog site, and am writing here right now. 

wattaa caandiddd XD

Dress: MAJE
Necklace: Berrybenka
Wedges: Little Things She Needs

I'll post another new outfit soon <3




5:52 AM

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde 

 Hi readers! How's day? How's your February? Waa, here we are again, ready to welcome new month, March. Time flies too fast, right? So as always, today, i did a photo shoot with a FG and we discovered a new cute spot (a cafe nearby my house). And that owner is my aunty *wink* hahaha Actually, this cafe has 3 floors, but the third floor is still on progress. So i asked my aunt' permission to do photo shoot on third floor (since it's an outdoor, surely you will get a better lighting). I asked my cousin too to accompany me while taking the photos ;P And these are the results, enjoy~

Watercolour High Collar Shoulder Dress - Zalora ID
White Hat - Bought in MY
Vintage Brown Hat - Flamoush_id
Open Toe Boots - Vincci MY
Watch - Esprit

*I edited the photos by myself, taken by @wandaboyphotography*

For bonus!

See you guys on my next post!


Chinese New Year

5:01 AM

Hey people, it's been a while since i sign in and write here. Happy Chinese New Year 2015 for everyone who celebrate, wish you all a good health, long life, and a success in every little thing you do! What did you wear on this special occasion? So let's me share mine >.<

Red Flower Dress: Zalora ID
Watch: Esprit
Open Toe Boots: Vincci MY

(Photo Credit: @wandaboyphotography)

A friend of mine told me that there's a dior earring-look alike which is popular these days. It contains of two pearls and they are facing each other. One pearl is bigger than the other one, just like mine! (PS: I bought mine at Moi Accessories, Central Park Mall in Jakarta) 

Not to mention, this earring is so lovable, and yes, this is how you wear this earring! Another way to complete my look, i applied red wine color - nail polish from Revlon!

See you on my next post!



3:19 AM

Hola peoplee! Wow, February will come soon, so fast! So as usual, i'll share my outfit of the day. I'm so into white these days, i'm not really sure why. I only have two or three pieces of white top actually. I guess i need more white pieces for my wardrobe. 

See you on my next post!


See Me

9:56 PM

So the previous post, i posted my macho style with plaid shirt and jeans! So now, it's time to post the feminine style~~

Off Shoulder Black Dress - Ezra (Zalora)
Watch - Esprit
White Clog - Lasenora Boutique

Maybe any of you know that i already wore this dress many times, whether for photo shoot or went to an occasion. Well you know, this dress is so comfy to wear and you can wear this dress for casual and formal occasions! You can buy this dress from Zalora website. 
Besides this dress, you absolutely also can find so many cute little accessories. For myself, i love to buy and have several watches collections. You know, watch is an important things for my life and your life and everyone life! 
As my suggestion, you can purchase watches from Zalora Indonesia. Why? Simply because Zalora provides you many types of watches, from the cheap until the expensive ones. And, it's surely secure and will arrive at your home on time ;)
Here's a little sneak peek of Zalora Indonesia.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link and go shop! ;)

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