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So the previous post, i posted my macho style with plaid shirt and jeans! So now, it's time to post the feminine style~~

Off Shoulder Black Dress - Ezra (Zalora)
Watch - Esprit
White Clog - Lasenora Boutique

Maybe any of you know that i already wore this dress many times, whether for photo shoot or went to an occasion. Well you know, this dress is so comfy to wear and you can wear this dress for casual and formal occasions! You can buy this dress from Zalora website. 
Besides this dress, you absolutely also can find so many cute little accessories. For myself, i love to buy and have several watches collections. You know, watch is an important things for my life and your life and everyone life! 
As my suggestion, you can purchase watches from Zalora Indonesia. Why? Simply because Zalora provides you many types of watches, from the cheap until the expensive ones. And, it's surely secure and will arrive at your home on time ;)
Here's a little sneak peek of Zalora Indonesia.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link and go shop! ;)

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