8:05 AM

i know you love me, i know you care

just shout whenever, and i'll be there

oops, no, i'm not Justin Bieber fans, just wanna sing the song. haha

well, today's post, i wanna post some photos that i just found (actually my mom not me).
how glad, i found my childhood photos. ohmygod, really love the photos.
then, i scanned them, and .................................................................

CUTE, right? say YES >.<

hahaa, so what do you think after saw my child photos?
hahahaha LOL

Guys, i'll go back to Kuala Lumpur this 3rd September
aaaaa, time flies so fast right?
i hate to go, but................. :(



5:03 AM

Did you guys see my new head banner above?
of course, YES xD
What a really super cuteee and lovely header, right?

So, if you want a cute doodle, beautiful illustration of you or a lovely header like mine, absolutely you can order it HERE !! Ssstt... also you can give this picture as a birthday gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend/bestfriend! Pictures can be adjusted to your request with CHEAP PRICE! *wink*
They using manual drawing techniques (pencil, color pencils, and watercolor). Because it does not use a computer system, SURELY, the results are guaranteed LIMITED EDITION.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go check the website and ORDER NOW!!



5:04 AM

yesss, we are joining k-pop obseSHE video competition. That's our project.
guys, we need your VOTE, so we can win this competition.
Our group's name is SHEgne (from cygne means swan), with member: Me, Wilhelmina, and Putri.


-Like SHElalaland fanpage here
-Click this site
-Next, click VIDEO GALLERY
-Search SHEgne (yes, our group)
-When you find any trouble when voting, read this first. 

Your vote means a lot for us!



7:19 AM

hellooo guyss!! how are youuu, hope you all good like me ;)
eh no, actually 2 days ago, i was sick, headache and fever, i think it was because of rain.
i can't get just a little rain, the day after it, i'm surely sick. how childish!

but, it's doesn't matter for me, since i was sick when i'm home, haha
yeaay, i'm in Indonesia already. meet my super daddy, lovely mommy, brothers everyday.
i do love my family much! and i'm sure, all of you know the feeling when i met them! hehe
super happy!

i'm on my holidays now, and will go back to Kuala Lumpur in the beginning of September. TIME PLEASE DON'T PASS QUICKLY! xD
3 months home, i will not get bored

so guys, are you on your holidays too?
let's enjoy our holidays!



10:17 PM

QUICK POST about something blue <3

i also love CNBLUE (Code Name Blue), yes, i am a Boice 

Jung Yong Hwa 
*major love* *wink*

Guys, this week is my exam week
so lazyyy
but, next week i will go back to Indonesia, and i will have very long holidaysss, from June til September
really can't wait for it
But, i have to pass my exam first
wish me luck guys! ;)


Let's Start Mustache Party

12:42 AM

hello Sunday
hello people
with me again heree 

mustache mustache, dunno why, just fall in love with the mustache hahaa
yesterday, me and Tabita were going crazy and did something childish hhaaha
i made mustaches and we took photos with them, how lovelyy

(no need to mention, i know we are lil bit crazy XD)

So guys, what do you think bout this mustache?
cute right?

just wanna tell you the secret. i made the mustaches by myself. yes, you can make it too. just draw the mustache's shape in a piece of black paper, cut it, and taraaaaaa you have your own mustache :)


welcome May!

5:20 AM

hollaaa everybody!
i'm lil bored, so that i wanna post something heree :3

it's already May! yipii, I've already bought ticket to go back to Indonesia next month, June. really cannot wait  for it. really miss my hometown, my family, huhuuu *sad*
but, i have to pass the exam first, i must study hard, but i'm really lazy to study :(
need mood-booster to motivate me, so i'm not feeling lazy to study *yawn*

i wanna tell you something, hahahaa
i bought super cute blouse last Tuesday, really really lovee my new baby. and also, didn't forget to buy new accessories too hahaaha <3

(sorry, i couldn't take full photos of the blouse, because i took these photos in the middle of the night so i was really lazy. in another chance, i promise, i'll take the full one)

(i also bought this grey-dog hahaa. there are my accessories inside) 

yeah, they are my new babies, dunno why, i just love this kind of stuff, accessories maniac 

(camera single ring, mustache double ring, Love double ring, peacock single ring, nail ring, and coco movie bracelet)

yesss, they are my newest babies 
just falling in love with them from the first sight hahaha

they are cute right? 

have a nice may peoplee!!

with love,

our world

I do love Jogja!

7:59 PM

yeiiyy, finally i can open my blog, hufft
i just moved to other apartment, and i have my own room now heheee
i already told you about this in my previous post xD

actually, my new apartment still in under renovation, so it's lil bit difficult because there is no WIFI yet. but now, i already bought sim card for my modem yesterday! xD

ohh yeaaaah, i didn't tell you that last March i went to Jogja (Indonesia) for a week. i had holidays last March and i've decided to go to Jogja to visit my friends there. i have so many friends in Jogja. Actually, my friend from Jakarta also went to Jogja, hahahaaa. So, we had such a wonderful holidays!
and now i wanna post some photos when we were in Jogja

(with my bestfriend ever, Deborah, in Kaos Oblong Jogja)

(with my other best friend, Adit. Now, he's in Jakarta)

(with Deborah and Farisha, in Alun Alun Jogja)

(with Ricky, Prita, Adit, Farisha, and Meisya, in famous temple in Jogja, Borobudur)

( with Deborah in Wendy's Ambarukmo Plaza)

(how i get my lovely tosca blouse)

had holidays in Jogja is reaaallyy reaallyyyyyyy happyy and wonderful. i really want to visit Jogja again if i have holidays again. hehehehee
thank to all of my friends there, who always accompanied me, and special thank to Deborah.
i do love all of you guys!

Now, i have to go to my college. very lazy, full of assignments and presentation. aaaa wanna go back to Indonesia again. actually, i will have really long holidays start from June until September hahhaaa

have a wonderful day guys!

jssica's world


9:14 AM

just took random photoss after i bought new headband. i love this bubble brown headband much! heheheee
and i could buy it with cheap price in Daiso >.<


anywayy, happy sundayy everyonee!!


jssica's world

Chinese New Year

8:36 PM

long time not write my blog. i just go back from my vacation with family. yeah! 
two weeks for 3 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand). tired? yes of course, especially when we were in the airplane -___-
and these are some pictures from me xD

(my cutest lil brother really loves play sliding haha)

(me and my lil brother)

(full concentration)

(my brother -- yes, i have 2 brothers-- shows his skill in ice skating)

(me and my lovely mom accompanied my brother playing merry-go-round)

(evening orchard)

and guess what? i found so many many many stitch stuffs here, in Mustafa Centre, Singapore. gosh! wanna buy all of them T_T

(i love this much!)

(went to Melaka after Singapore)

(Bangkok i'm in love <3)

(wanna fly, wanna fly~~)

(Mini Siam, Bangkok, Thailand)

(i wish there was a stitch T_T, but, i love Doraemon too ;D)

(biggest floating market in Asia)

(had lunch, seafood restaurant with sea-view)

(our tour guide from Thailand, we miss ya misterrr)

(finally, have to say Goodbye)

oh yeah, last 15th January was my Father's Birthday. i love him so so much, wish always the best for him ^^
everyday always pray from him, thnk God, gave him to me ^^

23rd January is Chinese New year!! Angpaaoo huahahahhaa
can't wait to celebrate it. anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! ^_^
God bless!


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