5:53 AM

Such a good weather to go out and have a quality time with family today, and take outfit photos >.<
If i think about the weather, place and outfit,  it makes me really want to go on a picnic. A picnic box with baguette and fruits inside, vintage outfit, cute hat, guitar, camera, what else? Ah, i really want to do those things, with someone special, perhaps? <3
(Photographer of the day, my one and only mom)

Vintage Dress: Yippiyeyo
Flower Rattan Hat: D.I.Y
Belt: Vincci
Watch: Esprit

Bonus: My Selfie LOL

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5:50 PM

Today i don't feel like doing anything, i just wanna lay in my bed >.<

Waa this song describes me well. Holla people, weekend is coming, hang on there!
I want to share my photoshoot project which i did few months ago with my bestfriend, Florensia. It's too bad, she already went back to Jakarta to continue her study, and here i am, alone in my hometown. All of my old friends go back to their colleges *sigh*
I really want to do another photo shoot ;(

Photos by Florensia Nani


Three Ways

12:24 AM

happy monday people! here with me again, nothing to do. hahaha.. 
so this morning i did an outfit photo shoot again with my friend here. in this post, i will show you my three different styles when wearing Signature Top from Shopatvelvet ! i just love the detail of this top. So hereee we go!

STYLE 1 (Girly)

Top: Shopatvelvet
Dress: Calbit
Hat: Bought in Malaysia
Wedges: Conexion

STYLE 2 (Vintage)

Top: Shopatvelvet
Floral Skirt: Yippieyeyo
Hat: Zara

STYLE 3 (Sporty)

Top: Shopatvelvet
Ripped Jeans: Bought in Malaysia
Shoes: Nike

Photos by Dita Permatasari

the top is very lovely isn't it?

i'll see you on my next post! xoxo


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