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I do love Jogja!

7:59 PM

yeiiyy, finally i can open my blog, hufft
i just moved to other apartment, and i have my own room now heheee
i already told you about this in my previous post xD

actually, my new apartment still in under renovation, so it's lil bit difficult because there is no WIFI yet. but now, i already bought sim card for my modem yesterday! xD

ohh yeaaaah, i didn't tell you that last March i went to Jogja (Indonesia) for a week. i had holidays last March and i've decided to go to Jogja to visit my friends there. i have so many friends in Jogja. Actually, my friend from Jakarta also went to Jogja, hahahaaa. So, we had such a wonderful holidays!
and now i wanna post some photos when we were in Jogja

(with my bestfriend ever, Deborah, in Kaos Oblong Jogja)

(with my other best friend, Adit. Now, he's in Jakarta)

(with Deborah and Farisha, in Alun Alun Jogja)

(with Ricky, Prita, Adit, Farisha, and Meisya, in famous temple in Jogja, Borobudur)

( with Deborah in Wendy's Ambarukmo Plaza)

(how i get my lovely tosca blouse)

had holidays in Jogja is reaaallyy reaallyyyyyyy happyy and wonderful. i really want to visit Jogja again if i have holidays again. hehehehee
thank to all of my friends there, who always accompanied me, and special thank to Deborah.
i do love all of you guys!

Now, i have to go to my college. very lazy, full of assignments and presentation. aaaa wanna go back to Indonesia again. actually, i will have really long holidays start from June until September hahhaaa

have a wonderful day guys!

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