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8:12 PM

Happy Monday Happy People!
Who loves Monday? I guess almost all people really hate Monday. Back to school, back to work, back to reality, wake up early, catch up with traffic jam. Everyone wants to skip this day. Some quotes say "Dear Monday, I want to break up"
Me myself, sometimes also hate Monday. I wish i could get back my weekend. No need to set morning alarm, no need morning shower, sleep all day, curl up in bed. But these days i realized, why do you hate Monday? Monday didn't do something wrong. Monday is a brand new day. It stands for new opportunities. Another quote says "People who hate Mondays, don't hate Mondays. They hate their jobs."
I can relate. If you don't love your job, you will not enjoy it. So, pick your dream job, do what you love, and you'll love Monday as you love your job. Do work you love and Monday will feel great!
Yay It's Monday, Don't Forget to Shine! Time for a new outfit post! 

Just a quick outfit post. I wore asymmetric batik top and pair it with jeans and wedges to make it looks modern chic. The top is super love, i really love the style, motif, and color! 

Batik Top : The Rosemary
Wedges : Little Thing She Needs


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