REVIEW : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

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Holla everyone! Another gloomy morning and another review for today. Are you excited? Maybe some of you already saw my mini review about this product from my Instagram. But today, I will give you my full review after I tried this product for more than one week. Please welcome Rapunzel Hair Day and Night from Hey! Deux Yeoza. Another brand from Korea. FYI, I got this from Charis. I believe, many of you still don't know about this product. Actually, this is leave-in hair treatment and there are two variants which are day and night. It's a leave-in, daily nutritive treatment cream infused to nourish and repair dry or damaged hair. Yes, we all can do our own hair treatment from home! Let's go through one by one.

PACKAGING : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

When I opened the package, my very first impression is "wow, it's actually big size! And the packaging design is uber cute!"
Yes, that words came out instantly from my mouth. As you all can see, the size is 180 ml for each tube. The colors are so attractive, blue and pink. It comes with a big box for each. Hm, I guess not so travel-friendly, so if I travel to other cities, I will only bring one variant definitely.

INGREDIENTS : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

Inside each variant, it contains hair serum, hair lotion, hair oil, hair pack and hair essence. 

BENEFITS : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

They claim the immediate effects after single use. It's really effective for all of you who have dyed or perm-damaged hair, frizzy hair, split ends, UV damaged, breakage and dry hair. So basically, this is a 6-in-1 total hair care system.

VARIANT : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Moist Day

The first variant is the pink one. The cream color is also pink! Uber cute, right? At first, I thought it would be sticky and oily. Surprisingly, it's not sticky and not oily at all! The scent? I love the scent, it makes my hair smell so good. I use this variant in the morning before I blow dry my hair.

VARIANT : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Enriching Night

The other variant is the blue one. I thought the cream color would be blue, lol. And I opened the seal, and the color is white. The texture is same as the pink one, not sticky, not oily and lightweight. The scent is good too, but this one is not too strong like the pink one. Actually, I love this scent better. I use this variant in the night before sleep. 

HOW TO USE : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

Moist Day:
- Apply moist day to towel-dried or dry hair
- Do not rinse, just leave it
- Use blow dryer or straightener for your style 
- Apply it whenever and anytime you want

Enriching Night:
- Apply enriching night to towel-dried or dry hair
- Do not rinse, just leave it
- Go to bed

It's super easy to use them! Use it every day for only two months for the best result. Try yours now.

REVIEW : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

Believe it or not, I really use this product every day! And it really helps my hair. I have frizzy and dry hair because I always dyed my hair and using a straightener. My hair become so soft and smell good. Can't wait to see the best result on the next two months!
+ Scent is good
+ Cute packaging
+ Big size
+ Not sticky and not oily
+ Lightweight
+ Super soft on my hair
+ Make hair less frizzy
- Not travel-friendly
- Expensive

WHERE TO BUY : Hey! Deux Yeoza - Rapunzel Hair Day & Night

You can buy Hey! Deux Yeoza in Korea. But, a happy news for us who live in other countries! Now you can purchase them online at Charis here!  It's also ON SALE for only IDR 355,554,- (normal price IDR 444,613,-). 

So what are you waiting for? Like your skin, care your hair.


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