OOTD : Victoria Peak

3:25 AM

Another honeymoon post for today! Yes, I will continue to tell you the place we went. So, if you follow my previous post, after Guangzhou, we catch the train back to Hongkong. First day in Hongkong, we went to this must-tourist-go-place, which is Victoria Peak. Some people also call this place as The Peak. My husband bought the ticket online (which was cheaper and no queue, lol). When we arrived at Victoria Peak, it was so crowded! We need to go up using classic train, and believe me, the train' rail is really uphill, I was kinda afraid, lol.

Sorry for low quality photos, I took it using my phone.
After go up, the scenery was so beautiful. You can see the city, ocean and forest from up above. It was so windy that day, and it was so damn cold!

I wore this cute green dress which I bought in China for only RMB 20! It's only IDR 40K, and now I regret, I should bought this dress in 3 different colors, huft!

When you are in Hongkong, you must visit this place. But it was kinda hard to take a good photos (without photobomb), since the place is not as big as I think. But it's worth to visit.

If you go down, you can find mall, restaurants and stores which sell souvenirs. But i'm not sure about the price. 

And I took this photo when we were waiting for the train (to go down). 


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