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Welcome back! Finally my blog is back!
If you are wondering why I haven't post anything yet since March.

Beside busy welcoming my new life as a mom, so actually I forgot to renew my domain and it was expired!
I was so sad and really couldn't find the way how to get my blog back even after asked the Google support.
I even made myself a new blog, but the feeling is just different. You know how hard to get all the exposure for my blog because I made this blog years ago. How I build trust with brands through this blog. Oh my blog, I really missed you.
And because my old domain was expired, I bought this new domain.

After 5 months, finally I'm able to write here again. So for today' post, I will post some photoshoot at home (yes, this pandemic is so mean, no café no travelling for this year). Hope you enjoy this post and will surely back with another product review! Hopefully soon!

Randomly took outfit photos just because I miss café hopping to take outfit photos! Anyway, do you spot my cute shoes? Yes, I got it from Ittaherl x Peter Rabbit collection. Really love their shoes and it's just too cute to be true!
Sadly I haven't wear them to go to outside, but soon, once this pandemic is over, I will take this pair to explore the world!

Anyway, stay healthy everyone! Stay at home as long as you can, and let's pray for this world.


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