OOTD : Bold

10:04 PM

Quote of the day:

"If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack"

Welcome back to my outfit post! So actually, i know it's late, but let me share to you my Chinese New Year outfit last week. I believe all of you already know that CNY is related with something "red". So yes, for this year, i go with red! To be honest, red is not really my color, i am not confident wearing red. But sometimes, you just go with red to show your boldness. Don't forget to put your red lipstick ON.

Found a new coffee shop around West Jakarta, and it's kinda hype these days. I saw many blogger come to this coffee shop and take their outfit photos, just like me.
Yesh, they have instagramable spot. Not to mention, i tried their iced chocolate, and surprisingly it was good! They put some choco cereal as topping. So yummy, and now i'm craving for it, lol.

Outfit details:
One Drapery Sleeve Scuba Midi Dress - Cloth Inc
Wedges - Hush Puppies

If you are wandering the location of this coffee shop, it's Tatei and located at Green Lake City Ruko Food City No.22, West Jakarta.


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