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Yay, i'm back again ^^
What will i share today? OOTD? No. Skincare? No no.
Today, i'm gonna share my review for Irwan Team Hairdesign (at PIK Avenue) Jakarta.
Special Thank to Clozette Indonesia for allowing me to try Irwan Team service. Actually, from last month, i really wanted to dye my hair back to brown or burgundy. I dyed my hair November last YEAR, yes it's already 1 year haha so you can imagine how ugly my hair already, half brown half black LOL
So, this morning, i dyed my hair at Irwan Team Hairdesign located in PIK Avenue, North Jakarta. Also thank to Floren for her companion so i didn't go there all by myself, hihi

Let me just start!

Once we reached the salon, CS greet us and asked for service that we want. We were advised to consult with the hairdresser. I told him that i wanted to dye my hair with burgundy color. Then he showed us a variety colors of burgundy, and I picked the light burgundy. They really have a nice service, i swear! They asked us what drink that we want, and my hairdresser is super funny so during the process, we talked a lot lol.
I really love the ambiance there, i assure you'll love it too!

At first, my hairdresser adviced me to do haircut. And i said Yes! Here was my before cutting and coloring hair! Super dry and super ugly and super frizzy LOL, please pardon my messy hair >.<

Jeng jeng jenggg, what will happen to my hairrrrr xD



Before and After Comparison

Hahahaha look how ugly my before-hair-photo! Thank to Irwan Team Hairdesign PIK Avenue for the transformation. Please wait for my next visit. I love it sooooooooo! <3

So for overall, my review for this salon:
+ Very nice ambiance, lovely place
+ Nice service
+ Nice hairdresser
+ And the most crucial thing is NICE RESULT *clap clap*

- Maybe the hairdressers there should be more careful while doing the coloring, because my collar (behind neck) got red stain (bcs of the hair color). But it's okay, i already washed it, hihi

Will i be back again?
Absolutely YESH!! Super loveeee

With Hairdresser of the dayy!

Pics by Florensia and Yours Trully


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  1. lucu banget rambutnyaaahhhhhhh, cute maxzimalsss ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    I think I want some blue on my heh, altough nobody cant c 😂

    1. Hihihi i know ritee lucuu maxx huahahaha
      Cat aja rinnn, kan suami dan anak bisa liat 😝😝


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