OOTD : Guten Morgen

8:14 PM

Good morning good people! 
I feel so grateful because i still can breathe and wake up this morning. God is good in every way. Do you feel the same?

So, again, yesterday, me and my girl, Wenny went to another coffee shop nearby. Actually, she slept over at my place haha. Because it's a long weekend, so i asked her to sleep at my place and she was agree. We already prepared everything, from outfit to wear, accessories, foot wear and make up! I was so happy, because i can share hobbies with another love of my life.

We really enjoy taking photos and we never get bored or tired during photo session, LOL. Maybe because we really love what we do so we feel nothing and no pressure at all. You can say, we share the same passion.

Another super cozy coffee shop located in West Jakarta. Oh my gosh, i love this cafe. The ambiance, the music, the interior and everything. I will drag my boyfie to go here again once he's back to the town (well, he is 2,756 miles away from me right now). I just can't wait him to be back, hiks.

Joanne Dress : The Little Closet
Tussel Earrings in White : Girin Store
Heels : Zalora ID

"Happiness is sharing hobbies with your loved ones"


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