Collaboration : Harvest Photo Shoot Campaign

7:28 PM

Happy Wednesday happy people! So glad because i'm here writing on my blog for another post, love how i can be more productive these days and yeah, i realized this is what i love, what i want to do everyday, and what makes me happy. Everyone deserves to do what they love, and here i am!
Well today, i want to share to you guys, my photo shoot campaign for HARVEST few weeks ago. I believe, everyone especially who lives in Indonesia knows about this brand. Do you still remember, that hype binder papers back in 2000 something (when i was in junior high school)? The thickest paper rather than others? When you have to exchange two cheaper binder papers to get one Harvest binder paper? Now i believe you remember! Uh, how i miss that moment!
Besides those binder papers, they also have greeting cards, note books, paper bags, pens, pencil cases, and even bags! And now, you also can order them online through their website.

I was so happy, because they asked me to be their one of muses for the photo shoot! It was full of fun and yeah, i really love the results. Hope you also enjoy the photos ^^

Anyway, if you are interested to do a collaboration with me, just shoot me an email! Currently, i open for photo shoot collaborations and product reviews (beauty or fashion). Can't wait to work with you!

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