TRAVEL : Blue Lagoon Beach and Bias Tugel Beach, Bali

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Hello guys, it's been a while since my last travel post. Well, actually, i've traveled like more than 5 times this year but i just decided to make a new label which is TRAVEL. Yes, currently i have this hobby. I really have a big ambition to travel a lot and chill and relax and release stress and get new energy. I don't know, but travelling is really helping me to feel happier and yeah, anyone can relate?
And as the beginning, i want to share hidden gems which is located in Bali, Indonesia! Uh, i think everyone in this world already know the beauty of this island. So many people say that Bali is paradise. And i couldn't agree for more! It really is! 
And i went to these gems a month ago, which is in July. No, no, it was not a holiday. I felt so tired and bored that time, and asked my boyfriend to had few days off from work. And he was agree! Lucky me to have a boyfriend who also loves to travel! So, here it is, i will bring you to East Bali and present to you two hidden gems there which are Blue Lagoon Beach and Bias Tugel Beach! Some photos are filtered and some are not. Enjoy 

At first, all you need to know is, Blue Lagoon Beach and Bias Tugel Beach is really near from each other. So you will see the same sea actually. The difference is, Blue Lagoon Beach has so many corals and rocks, which you MUST do snorkeling here like i did! It's really recommended, so many colorful fish inside. But since the wave and wind is kinda strong, you must be very careful. I had so many scars on my hands and feet because of the rock! lol. Sorry, i'm not a pro when it comes to snorkeling >.<

Snorkeling time!!!

Let's move to Bias Tugel Beach! Bias Tugel Beach is like a normal beach with sand. No rocks and corals. I guess you are safe to surf here. But once again, be careful, because the wave and wind is kinda strong too!
And all of my photos maybe will look the same to you because yeah as i mentioned above, it's actually the same sea. But believe me, i was really happy to see that blue and clean water! Should i go back there? SURE! And you must visit too!

Oh my God, i miss these places already! 

Location : 
Blue Lagoon Beach & Bias Tugel Beach
Padangbai, Manggis, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80871

See ya at the next travel post!


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