OOTD : Pink Rose

9:04 PM

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

In this temporary life, we often forget to be grateful. We always get angry when something bad happens. We never take the positive side when it happened. We always want to be someone else. We see the success on someone else's life, we want it. But hey, you never know what it took to make them success. Their effort and their prayer. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. That's the way so you can accept what you have now. God has His own way for you, and all His plan is always great and the best for us. God will ensure our success in accordance with His plan, not ours. Remember this.

God has perfect timing, never early, never late. It just takes a little patience and faith, but it's worth the wait. What we can do right now is, be grateful, be thankful, be happy. Enjoy life as long as we live, love ourselves so we can love others too. Just a little reminder, your life is precious and beautiful. Fill it with positivity.

Pink Slit Dress: Trisenstore
Wedges: Hush Puppies


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