OOTD : Pink Punch

7:47 PM

"Flowers enshrine my heart between their petals. that's why my heartbeats love them so much" 

-Munia Khan-

Hola good people, how's your long weekend? Anyway, Happy Easter for all who celebrate it.

On Saturday, i went to a coffee shop named District 7 Coffee which is located at PIK with my boyfie. Actually, i went there because i was really curious about their best seller Nasi Krucil and Pink Punch. FYI, for Nasi Krucil, you must pre-order it by whatsapp one day before. You can pick it up or send to your home by Go-send. So on Friday, i pre-ordered 3 bowls of Nasi Krucil (chicken and fish) so i can pick it up on Saturday. Too bad, i forgot to take pic of their Nasi Krucil. But, it's quite yummy and also cheap, only IDR 20K per bowl. Besides their foods, i also went there to take outfit photos because there was a photo competition there. So i need to take outfit pics in front of their "Cherry Blossom" gate. All pink and uber cute. I wore a pink batik dress which i bought in Jogja few years ago and a beret hat (also in pink)!

So this is Pink Punch! Yes, it's a drink. Made from soursop! So fresh for that sunny day

Anyway, the winners just announced yesterday and i won the second place! Hihi, thank you District 7!

Beret Hat : SKY ET SEA

Shoes : Nakedsol

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