7:19 AM

hellooo guyss!! how are youuu, hope you all good like me ;)
eh no, actually 2 days ago, i was sick, headache and fever, i think it was because of rain.
i can't get just a little rain, the day after it, i'm surely sick. how childish!

but, it's doesn't matter for me, since i was sick when i'm home, haha
yeaay, i'm in Indonesia already. meet my super daddy, lovely mommy, brothers everyday.
i do love my family much! and i'm sure, all of you know the feeling when i met them! hehe
super happy!

i'm on my holidays now, and will go back to Kuala Lumpur in the beginning of September. TIME PLEASE DON'T PASS QUICKLY! xD
3 months home, i will not get bored

so guys, are you on your holidays too?
let's enjoy our holidays!


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