Denim on Tribal

12:09 AM

holaa people! how's life?
me? i'm not that good, homesick.. yes, i'm already in KL now, and unfortunately tomorrow i have class.. too lazy geezzzz

so today i will post my outfit also, and the picture above is the hint of my background' photo x)
i found that cute spot in Banjarmasin (my hometown) and actually that's my grandma's cousin' house! >.<
we visited her there and i just couldn't get enough to take pictures there 

Bonus photos >.< with my cutest brother

wish me luck for my final year! 


Ms. Mono Vintage

7:30 AM

so with me again, Jessica's here!
i'm in Indonesia right now, in my hometown for holiday (July-August), and SADLY this Monday i will go back to Kuala Lumpur for continuing my study again. And praise the Lord, my final results for last semester were very good, and i can progress to FINAL YEAR! So, Welcome Final Year and FYP a.k.a Skripsi! Hello sleepless night and no-food-at-apartment! hhahaa yes, i always buy the food from the food court, and too lazy to cook at my apartment there, so if i feel hungry in the middle of the night, the thing that i can do is trying to close my eyes and sleep! i will not feel hungry anymore and i can lose my weight ;P
by the way, i gained my weight hereeee because my home can be described as a "FOOD HEAVEN"! and all of the foods are 100% homemade. How i can do my diet heree.. i only can eat eat eat and eat more and more. and taraaa!! (okay, i will do my diet again in KL huhu)

i'm currently in love with vintage dress and thank's God, i found an online store that sell vintage skirts and dresses with very cheap price >.<

Bonus Photos: Candid and Selca :p

Dress: Yippieyeyo
Bag: Guess

See you guys on my next post! 


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