Happy Christmas

12:33 AM

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know i'm late, but it's better than never right? Today i will share to you my Christmas outfit. Well, actually, i didn't wear this outfit when Christmas. I planned to, but something happened and i couldn't wear hiks. So, this morning, me and le friends, went to a labyrinth nearby here and took some photos. And this is my real Christmas outfit. Enjoy!

Look at this tree skirt! I love this skirt directly at the first sight. It just soo cute and match with Christmas theme. 

This Fossil Bag was from ClozetteID x Indosat Vintage Outfit Contest. Well, it was such a blessing because i was the winner of that contest! Anddd thisssss vintagee fossil bagg is mineee now *happy*

And i guess these shoes are kinda popular these days. Why don't you grab a pair for yourself? *wink*

White Color Top - Uniqlo
Neclace - BerryBenka
Tree Skirt - HGL (Happy Go Lucky)
Vintage Bag - Fossil
Shoes - Lasenora Boutique

Mes Amours <3

Photo by: One and Only Putri Amalia


Old Town

8:34 AM

Hoy people, Happy December! So here with me again! Currently i'm in Jakarta right now to have some holidays and refresh my mind from everything.
Today i went to Kota Tua in Central Jakarta. Kota tua means Old Town (in english), covering about 320 acres. This quaint of Jakarta has an old world charm about it and gives us a chance to learn more about the history of the city. You can find old buildings here and rent old-vintage bicycle and just like me, don't forget to take photos with cute background.

After walked around the buildings, we decided to have lunch at Batavia Cafe. I just sooooo in loveeee with the interior and unique design inside this cafe. Then we went to Bank Indonesia National Museum and took photos again hahaa

Off Shoulder Printed Dress - Something Borrowed (Zalora)
Hat - Flamoush_id
Watch - Esprit

Stay tune for my next post! >.<



12:11 AM

Heyho people! How's life? I wish you have a good day today!
Life is getting rough these days, isn't it? Yesh, i can feel it too. All you need is be positive and believe that all things happen for a better tomorrow. And let's just sing together haha!
A friend of mine called me few days ago and asked me out to take some photos together, and we went to some places. Unfortunately, it was so damn hot (11 a.m). The outdoor lightning just couldn't get right and the sun burned our skin T__T
After took some photos at a certain place, we decided to move to a cafe around. And i just love the results and finally we got the perfect lightning! So enjoy <3

Dress - Downtown
Hat and Sunglasses - Flamoush_Id
Watch - Esprit
Wedges - Conexion

I'll see you guys on my next post! xoxo



5:53 AM

Such a good weather to go out and have a quality time with family today, and take outfit photos >.<
If i think about the weather, place and outfit,  it makes me really want to go on a picnic. A picnic box with baguette and fruits inside, vintage outfit, cute hat, guitar, camera, what else? Ah, i really want to do those things, with someone special, perhaps? <3
(Photographer of the day, my one and only mom)

Vintage Dress: Yippiyeyo
Flower Rattan Hat: D.I.Y
Belt: Vincci
Watch: Esprit

Bonus: My Selfie LOL

Don't forget to click the HYPE button on my! Love love



5:50 PM

Today i don't feel like doing anything, i just wanna lay in my bed >.<

Waa this song describes me well. Holla people, weekend is coming, hang on there!
I want to share my photoshoot project which i did few months ago with my bestfriend, Florensia. It's too bad, she already went back to Jakarta to continue her study, and here i am, alone in my hometown. All of my old friends go back to their colleges *sigh*
I really want to do another photo shoot ;(

Photos by Florensia Nani


Three Ways

12:24 AM

happy monday people! here with me again, nothing to do. hahaha.. 
so this morning i did an outfit photo shoot again with my friend here. in this post, i will show you my three different styles when wearing Signature Top from Shopatvelvet ! i just love the detail of this top. So hereee we go!

STYLE 1 (Girly)

Top: Shopatvelvet
Dress: Calbit
Hat: Bought in Malaysia
Wedges: Conexion

STYLE 2 (Vintage)

Top: Shopatvelvet
Floral Skirt: Yippieyeyo
Hat: Zara

STYLE 3 (Sporty)

Top: Shopatvelvet
Ripped Jeans: Bought in Malaysia
Shoes: Nike

Photos by Dita Permatasari

the top is very lovely isn't it?

i'll see you on my next post! xoxo


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