7:38 AM

holla! today' quick post from me! i took this outfit few weeks ago, i forgot to post here hehee.. 

anyway, i'm going to Jogja this weekend! nope, i'm not in my holiday, but i need to refresh my brain hahahahaa... >.<
see yaa on my next post!


Roses are Red

7:22 AM

Nothing to do tonight, so i manage to post my outfit that i wore a week ago for an event in my college 

Actually, i have a plan that i will take photos of this outfit in City Gallery Kuala Lumpur with my friend. But sadly, we even can't go there due to assignment and other things. So i need another outfit to wear if i go there.

i really love this flower dress since the quality is very nicee^^
i bought it from the random shop heree
see you in the next post!


Fimela Girl Competition

12:04 AM

Hallo people! how's life? i'm doing good >.<
last night i've joined Fimela Girl competition. the theme of the outfit must be very indonesia. at first i was confused what kind of outfit that i have to wear before the photo shoot. and suddenly, i remembered that i have "kebaya-modern" that i bought around 2 years ago in Jakarta. so, i need your help to give your vote for my photo. You must have facebook account to vote! how to vote?
1. Open this link!
2. Click on "Click to vote"
3. Connect it to your facebook account
4. Authorize application
5. And tara! You are success to vote me >.<

My tummy isn't that big. Actually, that's a long skirt, but i made it shorter by rolled it up to my tummy hahahaha >.<

My friend also joined this competition! please also vote her here >.<


Denim on Tribal

12:09 AM

holaa people! how's life?
me? i'm not that good, homesick.. yes, i'm already in KL now, and unfortunately tomorrow i have class.. too lazy geezzzz

so today i will post my outfit also, and the picture above is the hint of my background' photo x)
i found that cute spot in Banjarmasin (my hometown) and actually that's my grandma's cousin' house! >.<
we visited her there and i just couldn't get enough to take pictures there 

Bonus photos >.< with my cutest brother

wish me luck for my final year! 


Ms. Mono Vintage

7:30 AM

so with me again, Jessica's here!
i'm in Indonesia right now, in my hometown for holiday (July-August), and SADLY this Monday i will go back to Kuala Lumpur for continuing my study again. And praise the Lord, my final results for last semester were very good, and i can progress to FINAL YEAR! So, Welcome Final Year and FYP a.k.a Skripsi! Hello sleepless night and no-food-at-apartment! hhahaa yes, i always buy the food from the food court, and too lazy to cook at my apartment there, so if i feel hungry in the middle of the night, the thing that i can do is trying to close my eyes and sleep! i will not feel hungry anymore and i can lose my weight ;P
by the way, i gained my weight hereeee because my home can be described as a "FOOD HEAVEN"! and all of the foods are 100% homemade. How i can do my diet heree.. i only can eat eat eat and eat more and more. and taraaa!! (okay, i will do my diet again in KL huhu)

i'm currently in love with vintage dress and thank's God, i found an online store that sell vintage skirts and dresses with very cheap price >.<

Bonus Photos: Candid and Selca :p

Dress: Yippieyeyo
Bag: Guess

See you guys on my next post! 


Sonny Angel

9:28 AM

hollaaa viewers! here with me again, hope you guys don't get bored with me xD
soooo, what do i need to post today? hmmmm
i have superr haappyyy newss today heheehe!!
i won one set of Sonny Angel Decoppins from @sonnyangelindonesia !!!!
yeepp, i joined the giveaway competition last month! i had to follow and like the instagram account, twitter account, and facebook page, then, shared the Sonny Angel photos and tagged that account! andddd.... i'm the winner from twitter account!! soooo surpriseddddd >.<

for you guys, who doesn't know, what Sonny Angel is, hereee i have some photoss of them! enjoy my picts! (credit: myself)

(So Call me maybeee???)

(Dalmation : oh, i'm starving . Sheep : same here, hufft! Wait here, i'll go take his giant macaroons, don't be noisy, don't wake him up or we will die! Okay? )

(Dalmation: look!! I got this cute dress from mom! | Sheep: Where's mine? I want it too mooommmm) 

(Dalmation: Look! who's that?? | Hippo: Dont't be afraid guys, i just want to play together)

(Sunbathing timeee babieessss)

Once again, thankss to Sonny Angel Indonesia! it really made my day <3



8:38 PM

here's with me again, wearing cat printed shirt again. i currently just fall in love with animal printed shirt, and this red skirt is too lovable to wear!! <3

Cat printed shirt - Super T
Shoes - Fladeo

i'm in Kuala Lumpur right now, need to study again, hiks. say hello to my real life!



4:07 AM

hollaaaa people! today i want to post my outfit! i just bought cat printed shirts yesterday! and today, i match them with my lovely red skirt, red bowler hat, and my newest stocking tattoo! i just didn't have a chance to wear that stocking, and today i can wear it! loveeeee <3

Cat Shirt - Super T
Red Skirt - Random Shop (Kuala Lumpur)
OMG Stocking Tattoo - Random Shop (Kuala Lumpur)
Ribbon Black Shoe - Nvd
Red Bowler Hat - Lovastuffs

oh ya, last week i got a illustration drawing from Jessica Xu!! She's such a very talented girl!! how lucky me!! >.<


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