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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde 

 Hi readers! How's day? How's your February? Waa, here we are again, ready to welcome new month, March. Time flies too fast, right? So as always, today, i did a photo shoot with a FG and we discovered a new cute spot (a cafe nearby my house). And that owner is my aunty *wink* hahaha Actually, this cafe has 3 floors, but the third floor is still on progress. So i asked my aunt' permission to do photo shoot on third floor (since it's an outdoor, surely you will get a better lighting). I asked my cousin too to accompany me while taking the photos ;P And these are the results, enjoy~

Watercolour High Collar Shoulder Dress - Zalora ID
White Hat - Bought in MY
Vintage Brown Hat - Flamoush_id
Open Toe Boots - Vincci MY
Watch - Esprit

*I edited the photos by myself, taken by @wandaboyphotography*

For bonus!

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Chinese New Year

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Hey people, it's been a while since i sign in and write here. Happy Chinese New Year 2015 for everyone who celebrate, wish you all a good health, long life, and a success in every little thing you do! What did you wear on this special occasion? So let's me share mine >.<

Red Flower Dress: Zalora ID
Watch: Esprit
Open Toe Boots: Vincci MY

(Photo Credit: @wandaboyphotography)

A friend of mine told me that there's a dior earring-look alike which is popular these days. It contains of two pearls and they are facing each other. One pearl is bigger than the other one, just like mine! (PS: I bought mine at Moi Accessories, Central Park Mall in Jakarta) 

Not to mention, this earring is so lovable, and yes, this is how you wear this earring! Another way to complete my look, i applied red wine color - nail polish from Revlon!

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