7:25 PM

One can never go wrong with black. How about white? It's always right as well ;)

Hi people, here with me again. So today, i'm gonna show you my another black and white outfit. When you can never go wrong with black as well as with white, why don't you combine them together in one, in stripes perhaps?
Just like my outfit today, i wear my very first culotte from deFemme! CULOTTE IS BACK, HIP HIP HURRAY!

Top: Shopatvelvet
Stripes Culotte: deFemme 
Clog: Lasenora Boutique



5:23 AM


I can't update my blog regularly, since i already be a worker here in Jakarta. I just don't have any enough time to take outfit photos. My photo shoot partner is in Jogja since few months ago for her study, and manage to go back to Jakarta in next two months. I feeel soo emptyy without her. T____T 
Whoa, a worker life is so tough. Back to my school daily life, wake up in the morning, go home at 6 p.m. But the good news is, i get to meet many new friends here.

So today, i just feel so bored at home but also too lazy to go out. And here i am, in front of my lappy, click on my blog site, and am writing here right now. 

wattaa caandiddd XD

Dress: MAJE
Necklace: Berrybenka
Wedges: Little Things She Needs

I'll post another new outfit soon <3


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