Baby’s Breath — Meaning: Everlasting Love

11:38 PM

Everlasting Love

A poem for him

not a kind of romantic man
he knows how much i love baby's breath
not a fancy arrangement
not a big sweet bouquet
not an expensive and glamour arrangement
i see a sincerity
much love
thank you
thank you for always there beside me
to love me with all your heart
to embrace me around your arms
to kiss me with all your warmth
to hold my hand and not let me go
to spend your precious time with me
to make me laugh with your silly jokes
to give your shoulders when i cry
to lift me up when i am down
to calm me down when i am scared
to tell me that i am beautiful in my own ways
to protect me when i feel unsafe
to support me at my weakest
i love you with all i have
i love you just the way you are
i love you
i love you
yes i do

from your baby with all her heart.


Da Maria Bali

7:39 AM

Hello readers! I'm back with another cute restaurant which is located in Bali. Yes, this was my second visit to photogenic Italian Restaurant here in Bali. It's one and only Da Maria Bali. This restaurant is located in Seminyak. FYI, their interior is designed by Roman Architects, Lazzarini Pickering.

The color combination is just perfect. Blue and white. with little touch of yellow. I feel like home. If you visit this restaurant, PLEASE ORDER THEIR PIZZA! It tastes like heaven, i kid you not. 

And of course, i took outfit photos here!

Shirt : Mangkok Ayam
Skirt : Stradivarius


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