Sonny Angel

9:28 AM

hollaaa viewers! here with me again, hope you guys don't get bored with me xD
soooo, what do i need to post today? hmmmm
i have superr haappyyy newss today heheehe!!
i won one set of Sonny Angel Decoppins from @sonnyangelindonesia !!!!
yeepp, i joined the giveaway competition last month! i had to follow and like the instagram account, twitter account, and facebook page, then, shared the Sonny Angel photos and tagged that account! andddd.... i'm the winner from twitter account!! soooo surpriseddddd >.<

for you guys, who doesn't know, what Sonny Angel is, hereee i have some photoss of them! enjoy my picts! (credit: myself)

(So Call me maybeee???)

(Dalmation : oh, i'm starving . Sheep : same here, hufft! Wait here, i'll go take his giant macaroons, don't be noisy, don't wake him up or we will die! Okay? )

(Dalmation: look!! I got this cute dress from mom! | Sheep: Where's mine? I want it too mooommmm) 

(Dalmation: Look! who's that?? | Hippo: Dont't be afraid guys, i just want to play together)

(Sunbathing timeee babieessss)

Once again, thankss to Sonny Angel Indonesia! it really made my day <3


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