12:11 AM

Heyho people! How's life? I wish you have a good day today!
Life is getting rough these days, isn't it? Yesh, i can feel it too. All you need is be positive and believe that all things happen for a better tomorrow. And let's just sing together haha!
A friend of mine called me few days ago and asked me out to take some photos together, and we went to some places. Unfortunately, it was so damn hot (11 a.m). The outdoor lightning just couldn't get right and the sun burned our skin T__T
After took some photos at a certain place, we decided to move to a cafe around. And i just love the results and finally we got the perfect lightning! So enjoy <3

Dress - Downtown
Hat and Sunglasses - Flamoush_Id
Watch - Esprit
Wedges - Conexion

I'll see you guys on my next post! xoxo

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