Chinese New Year

8:36 PM

long time not write my blog. i just go back from my vacation with family. yeah! 
two weeks for 3 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand). tired? yes of course, especially when we were in the airplane -___-
and these are some pictures from me xD

(my cutest lil brother really loves play sliding haha)

(me and my lil brother)

(full concentration)

(my brother -- yes, i have 2 brothers-- shows his skill in ice skating)

(me and my lovely mom accompanied my brother playing merry-go-round)

(evening orchard)

and guess what? i found so many many many stitch stuffs here, in Mustafa Centre, Singapore. gosh! wanna buy all of them T_T

(i love this much!)

(went to Melaka after Singapore)

(Bangkok i'm in love <3)

(wanna fly, wanna fly~~)

(Mini Siam, Bangkok, Thailand)

(i wish there was a stitch T_T, but, i love Doraemon too ;D)

(biggest floating market in Asia)

(had lunch, seafood restaurant with sea-view)

(our tour guide from Thailand, we miss ya misterrr)

(finally, have to say Goodbye)

oh yeah, last 15th January was my Father's Birthday. i love him so so much, wish always the best for him ^^
everyday always pray from him, thnk God, gave him to me ^^

23rd January is Chinese New year!! Angpaaoo huahahahhaa
can't wait to celebrate it. anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! ^_^
God bless!


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  1. looks like your having a great time :)
    cute Stitch doll!

    1. of course :)
      hahaha yes, cutest i've ever met :D

  2. wow! your lil brother is SO cute! like little tiny boys are. and... what do you mean about your dad??? like "thank god he gave him to me". i mean, is your dad alive??? (hopefully he is) :\

    1. yes, and i love him much! ^^
      i mean like, i'm very feel thankful to God, because He give me best father like him hehheee
      of course, he still alive, and always pray for him, wish he always has healthy condition xD


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