Blue Stripes

9:50 AM

Holla readers! i was in a bad mood and super sensitive since a few days ago *girl' problem* hiks so i decided to go get some break this afternoon and ate deliciosoo cake and caramel frappe from TOUS les JOURS Malaysia. This is very recommended place for you to enjoy your tea time with family, friends, or lover! I super love the unique interior design and stuffs. Sooo cuuteeeeeeeeee and success to make my bad moood gone away ~~


Berry Berry Tiramisu Vs Blueberry Yogurt

Caramel Frappe

Next photos was taken from outside the cafe.. aaa supperr cuuuteeeee <3 <3 <3

Photos by Melina Kurniawan

HYPE ME HYPE ME! Thank you for reading <3

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