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guys, this will be a long long post hahaaa :P

i just had a "sudden" photo shoot with my friends as one of my friend is joining the photo contest, and she asked me to help her! i just couldn't say no since i do love take photos and what is the meaning of friend if we don't help each other, am i right? Because that's what friends are supposed to do.
well we juggled her room into a super cute corner and taraaa~~ i just loveeee the results! so enjoyy!
(please excuse my chubby cheek)

Daisy Dress -- Quenellebelle

Photos by Andita Zahra

Do you agree that this dress with daisy flowers pattern is super cute? Indeed. i've been looking for this kind of dress, and i found it! i can't ask for more and feel so happy! Go grab yours too ;)


Bonus Photos! They are my second strength and power here (after God surely), they are the ones that i can call even at 4 a.m! and sadly, i'm going to leave this country (Malaysia) as i almost finish my study here, and there is a big possibility i will move back to my country and looking for a job there. how time flies so fast.

Thankyou for vsisiting and reading!
xoxo <3


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