That Plaid

7:06 PM

Holla people! So today is my very first post in 2015 *clap-clap* Yesterday, a photographer here asked me to do a photo shoot with him, so you know, since i love taking photos, i met him and click click, took so many photos LOL *excuse my narcissism* Yesterday, we did photo shoot with 2 different clothes and styles, the first one, i wore black dress (feminine style) and for the second one, i wore jeans and plaid shirt (macho style, lol) Check this out yooooo~

All photos taken by Wandaboy Photography

Well, you know, all photos which are taken by a photographer is very different, they can take a very good angle. So satisfied with the results >.<

Plaid Shirt: Uniqlo Indonesia
White Top: Uniqlo Indonesia
Watch: Esprit
Jeans: Nvd
White Clog: Lasenora_boutique

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