Two Faces

9:13 AM

Hola readers! Finallyyy, have some outfit photos to share to all of you, since i really didn't have enough time to take photos and open my blog. Luckily, last week, i had to accompany my mom went to Jogja for a business trip from Thursday to Sunday. On Saturday, i told my mom that i couldn't go with her, because i already set that day as our (me and my twin, Tabita) photoshoot day! Yay >,<
So, let's get started, enjoy ^^

Our first stop, Kunena Eatery Jogja

Actually, on that, we were hoping from one cute coffee shop to other coffee shop. Yes, we brought like three different outfits hahaaha. Well, will share it on my next post! See ya!

Dress: @jjiahss
Headband: @rasa_gallery


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