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Happy Monday people! I'm Jess and i'm back! I'm so happy finally i can be more active on my blog. Hopefully, it will stay like this. So, for today, i'm gonna share an outfit post again. Actually, this was my Chinese New Year outfit, but i just had time to take photos of this outfit few days ago. I fell in love with this dress from the first sight. I just love the cutting and everything. The skirt part is my favorite. The split style and touch of lace. So lovely. Do you think the same?

Did you notice my new gems on my ear? 

Clariza Dress in Dark Red : Chocochips Boutique
Earrings : Girin Store
All photos were taken by My Babi, thank you love, your camera skill is getting better xP

So that's all for tonight, see ya on my next post!


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