OOTD : Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

8:58 AM

Not a girl, not yet a woman. Anyone can guess what i mean? 

Tonight i'm back with another outfit post! Yes, last weekend, i managed to take outfit photos with le friend. So happy!

After my first photo, anyone can guess why did i give this post with tittle Not a girl, not yet a woman? It's simply because, what will you do when you want to be a real woman but you just love your sneakers too much? No heels at all because you want to run freely without feel afraid that you may fall, like a little girl ;)
As a sneakers lover, it feels more comfy to wear them rather than heels, wedges or whatever. You can jump, run, and dance. But girls, is that okay to wear sneakers with a dress? DEFINITELY OKAY. It's a trend anyway. Even some people wear dress with sneakers in a formal occasions. 

Wearing a dress with sneakers can be tricky as well. Be careful with the type of your dress. Here, i will share some tips (DO and DON'T) for you (and me) from Michelle Kelchak, Keds' Design Director (the fashion spot, 2013).

1. Do Consider the Season and Fabric of Your Dress
The perfect pair of sneakers for your dress depends a lot on the style of the dress you're wearing and the time of year. For example, if it's summer and your dress is made from a lightweight fabric, choose a lightweight material for your shoes, such as canvas. If it's fall and your dress is made of wool, pair it with suede or leather sneakers.

2. Do Have Fun Experimenting with Prints and Colors
Mixing prints can be a tricky but it's a great way to show off your sense of style. For example, if florals are your fave, pair your large print floral dress with small flower print sneaker. Please make sure both prints share a similar color, that's the key! 

3. Don't Go to the Extreme
A melange of masculine and feminine is always a fun fashion twist, but don't taking things too far. Never wear a feminine frilly dress and a pair of athletic sneakers, NEVER.

4. Don't Forget Proportions
Avoid instances where wearing sneakers will visually cut off your legs. Keep proportions in mind. Never wear high tops with a knee length skirts which will make your legs look shoes. 

What do you think about the tips? I'm totally agree with those statements. So be careful if you still want to keep your fashion high!

Btw, did you notice something different with my hair? I just cut my hair short before the photoshoot! >.<

Melanie Dress in White : N.Y.L.A Store
Bag : Zara
Sneakers : New Balance 576 (Vintage Series)

Thank you for reading, i'll see ya on my next post!


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  1. Qu suka banget kaka. Keep going yah high fashion people

    1. maqasih loh, qu senang diqomen sm artis kek qmu. Zalam high fashion people :*

  2. qu jg suka nget kakkksss.. aw aw aw


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