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✨ Positive thinking will let you do everything better

Couldn't agree for more about the quote above. When you always think about positive things, everything will fall into its place perfectly. No negative vibes, no hate, only love. I just can't stand people who always judging badly about other people when in fact they don't know a single thing. Talking bad about others, why do you even care? 

✨ A negative mind will never give you a positive life 

When i know a person has a negative impact, i will try my best to avoid that kind of people, because i know sooner or later, i will follow their bad habits. 

 Some people turn to blind and feel jealous inside when they see your success and happiness 

Negative people become jealous and threatened by the success of others because when others succeed, it means they are failing. They will say all bad words to you, they will say you are ugly, you are this this and this. On the other side, positive people are inspired by the success of others and learn from them. They also will give the compliment with a happy heart. A simple compliment can strengthen relationships and motivate the person to do even better. Positive people don't underestimate the power of encouraging words.

It is a drastically different experience being around positive people VS negative ones. Surround yourself with the good ones, and believe me, your life will be positive  

Happy Monday, and enjoy my outfit photos! Don't forget your morning coffee 💖

I got this super girly dress from Something Borrowed (you can buy it through Zalora ID Website, simply search Embroidery Cold Shoulder Shift Dress, while stocks last ^^)

I found this dress super cute and also comfortable to wear, especially the details of the off shoulder part with white floral embroidery. And also, the color of the dress, so pretty in dusty pink. This dress also comes in a lightweight fabric which is the combination of chiffon and cotton. I really feel feminine wearing this dress. You may wear this dress on several occasions, such as dating with your bf, family event, birthday party, formal occasion, or even just hanging out with your friends.

You can pair it with flat shoes, heels or wedges, as myself choose heels to complete this look.

Anyway, did you notice my pink flamingo earrings? Here's the closer look!

Looking for super lovely and cute earrings? I got it from Hypephoria! See the collection and go get yourself a pair! 

Embroidery Cold Shoulder Shift Dress - Something Borrowed (Zalora)
Ankle Strap Mary Jane Heels - Zalora
Pink Flamingo Earrings - sponsored by Hypephoria


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