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"it's the most beautiful time of the year....."
Hello December, it's really nice to see you again. I guess Christmas is coming earlier this year, do you feel the same?
We are finally here, the last month of 2017. The most joyful month, the holiday season. Who doesn't love holiday season? ^^

So i'm also welcoming you again to my blog. Tonight, i'm going to share and give a short review for Gastromaquia, an Aunthentic Spanish Tapas and Paella Restaurant in South Jakarta. Before i start, for your information, this is a collaboration project from Clozette Indonesia x Gastromaquia. Well, in this project, we will give review for their Christmas Menu. Thank you for having me ^^

Yesterday, finally i went there with my BF for having Early Christmas Lunch to try their Christmas menu (of course, we are so lucky because this menu only available for this joyful month. So you better visit them as soon as you can, hehe). Inside Gastromaquia is full with christmas decorations. And i couldn't hold myself not to take many photos. Check them out!

They are so adorable, aren't they?
We were so happy because all the staffs were very welcome and friendly. They gave us the menu and i asked which is the recommended menu, and they answered us politely. As we all know, the service at a restaurant is really important and i could tell Gastromaquia has a good service! Bravo~

Christmas Menu
As you can see, above is the Christmas Menu. For one package (IDR 275.000++), we can choose an appetizer, a main course, a dessert. As the drink, it only has Christmas Mocktail. So for myself, i choose Txipirones as the appetizer, Homemade Pasta with Chanterelle Mushroom in Creamy Sauce Served in Parmesan Wheel as the main course, and Pannacotta with Raspberry Sauce as my dessert. Yum!

1. Appetizer : Txipirones

So here is my appetizer. It's a baby calamari served with mixed vegetables. Actually, they also serve this with garlic bread. There are two baby calamari on the top. The calamari is so soft and tender. I think, they grilled the calamari. The mixed vegetables are also good. They mixed it with tomato sauce, so it tastes sweet and sour. What a good choice of appetizer! Really curious about the main course.

2. Main Course : Homemade Pasta With Chanterelle Mushroom In Creamy Sauce Served In Parmesan Wheel

I guess this is the highlight! This homemade pasta is served in parmesan wheel! It's really unique as in Indonesia, not many restaurants do this thing. At first they cooked the pasta at the kitchen and for the final touch, the customers can see the chef stir the pasta in the parmesan wheel. Curious enough? Here are some photos just for you.

Drooling? LOL
You may think this is too cheezy. But i told you, it's just right, very right! I'm not a cheese lover, but i love this pasta. It's creamy but will not make you nauseated. Inside the pasta, you will find chanterelle mushrooms. So sad, I'm a mushroom lover but the mushrooms are tasteless. Hiks. But overall. this is a nice try! Good job Gastromaquia!

3. Dessert : Pannacotta With Raspberry Sauce

Taraaa! There's always room for dessert! As the dessert i choose Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce. Deliciously light and creamy. I like my panna cotta simple, white with berries or fruit sauce. I don't like it with chocolate or caramel sauce. And lucky me, Gastromaquia served the panna cotta with raspberry sauce, hoho. Panna cotta perfection comes down to these three factors, the jiggle, the cream, and the sweetness. For the jiggle, it should quivers when you touch it. But here, not at all. Maybe too much gelatin. For the cream, i love it! It's not too creamy. And for the sweetness, i think this is too sweet. But overall, it was delicious and i ate it all.

4. Christmas Mocktail

Sorry to say, but I LOVE THIS MOCKTAIL JUST LITTLE TOO MUCH! I asked the staff the ingredients of this mocktail. It's apple and lemon juice, thyme and cinnamon. It tastes a little bit sour but so fresh at the same time. What a great combination, very good job! I'm totally in love.

As we really enjoyed our Christmas lunch, you should try to have Christmas lunch or maybe dinner too at Gastromaquia! See you on my next post. Cheers!

Location :
Gastromaquia Jakarta
Jalan Ciniru I no 1
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan 12190
+62 21 293 05091


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