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Well, this is gonna my very first outfit post in 2018! Happy Monday and hope you enjoy this post.

It was so windy when i took these outfit photos. And my brother was the photographer of the day, thanks, bro! And i really couldn't stand the wind, my bangs looked so awful, LOL. We couldn't stop laughing because of my bangs especially my bro. He just really couldn't stop laughing at me. Okay bro, it's okay. 

Can you see a little different from this outfit? I wear culotte! If you notice, i always love to wear dress or skirt. And i don't know why, these days, i'm in love with this kind of pants. In 2018, maybe you will see me wear pants rather than dress or skirt. On my way to collect more culottes. Dear boyfie, please don't kill me. 

Do you spot my super cute shoes? Yay, finally they arrived safely! Been waiting for them since December, and i just love every detail! Their unique design, the ribbon and everything. Fyi, the shoes are from the collaboration of Ittaherl Curated x Kiki Coco in Morocco. And my 2018' resolution: get more pairs of Ittaherl collection shoes...................and this time, boyfie will surely kill me 😂

Almaha Arc Shoes : Ittaherl Curated (Kiki Coco in Morocco)
Beret Hat in Red Wine : Sky et Sea

See you on my next post!


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