OOTD : Foggy

12:54 AM

"When the fogs clear, sunshine follow"
- Bronnie Ware -

No one can predict the things that we will face in future, but remind this on your mind, every bad story will turn into a happy moment. It's not only you who have a bad day on that day, it's not like you live in this world alone. 

Why worry too much when you know God is here with every of us and hold our hands? Why you think too much when you know God has the best and beautiful plan for every of us? 

You won't ever be alone. Rainbow will come after the rain. Every bad things has its own purpose. What you need is believe.

Smile honey, smile :)

Black Dior Top: Shop INC Label
Plaid Skirt: Popoluca The Label
Palomino Pointy Shoes: Ittaherl


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