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First of all, let me say Happy New Year 2017! This is gonna be my very first post in 2017. I know i'm super late, but it's better than never right? ;)

So what did you do on the first page of 2017? Dinner? Watched the fireworks? Family Gathering?

Well for me, i had new year eve dinner with my love. Since my family is far away in my hometown, so I couldn't join family gathering. Too sad to be true, but that's okay. Luckily, I have him who always there with me, aw. Yes, he's kind of a sweet guy, oops i mean, sometimes LOL.

Let's throwback to 2016. Here are some highlights of the most memorable moments during 2016.
I experienced many ups and downs from the beginning of the year until the end of the year.

1. January - I've experienced heartbreak and I felt 2016 is worst new year ever. But slowly I learned to move on. I kept myself busy, went out with my best friends. And thank God, all went well and I managed to totally get over him and move on. Bye.

2. February - Homesick. I felt very exhausted at that time. And i really missed my mom and dad. I told them all my problems and they gave me advices and told me not to give up.

3. March - I decided not to extend my job contract. I flew back to my hometown and stayed there for a month (until April). And i started to apply another job in J-Town.

4. May - Got a new job, new friends, new family!

5. August - Butterflies back to my stomach. I was in love with him.

6. October & November - Another heartbreak. Damn. I really hate November. Something bad always happened in this month, i just don't know why. I cried again almost every night. Listened to the sad songs. I also moved to another company (yes, again).
Back again, i kept myself busy, joined the events from blogger community.

7. December - He came back to me. My birthday month, the most beautiful month of the year. Little surprise from him and from my sis. New year eve dinner and kiss. All that i need.

My resolution for 2017 are live healthier life, love what i do, enjoy every moment, pray hard, and always be grateful! I know that everything happens for a reason.

And i'm back with the new outfit post! I just hit my bed and decided to write this post directly.

My partner in crime (read: Florensia) was back to J-Town last Monday (after one month holidays). And FYI, almost all of my photos were taken by her. That's why, i couldn't write new post if she is not around. Thank God, she's back.

Well, let's just start!

Did you notice my super cute earrings? Let me zoom it in!

Bag : Zara
Pants : H&M
Earrings : Girinstore

Color-coordinated with love <3

Stay tune for my next post!


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