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Hello everyone, as i promised, i will be more active to update my blog in 2017 (well, hopefully). So, just a quick post of another outfit for today. 
So yesterday, me and le love went to 3 malls in a row. First mall, we just went there to take my outfit photos, second one, we went just to had afternoon coffee, and the last one, le babi wanted to buy something. Yeah, we always don't know where we want to go LOL. But, that's okay, as long as i can be with him #EA #TOOMUCHSUGAR #LOL 

Let's i just start!

Yay, another gems from Girinstore <3

Elle Tied Dress in Navy : Attic + Willow
Earring : Girinstore
Wedges : Little Thing She Needs

All photos were taken by my babi, thank you love!

See ya on my next post, love <3


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